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So far we have located 23 Sea Anglig clubs in Sussex - most cater for both boat and beach anglers and all welcome new members. From Littlehampton to Rye there is one for every coastal town. Joining fees vary but which ever you choose you can be sure of a warm welcome. If we've missed your clunb oput or the details need updating please contact us and we'll update or list.

Over 30 Coarse angling clubs covering most of the rivers and many lakes in the county. We haven't included any syndicates but if we've missed your club out then please let us know.


In both the stillwater directory and individual River pages we've gioven details of which clubs control which waters - some of these details will need updating as waters do change hands so again please let us know of any alterations.  


It is imnportant that anglers respect club waters - many spend a great deal of money maintaining the quality of fishing and it is so if you want to fish waters in Sussex make sure you are a member of the relevant club.

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Sea Angling Clubs in Sussex

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