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Other Rivers in Sussex

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Barcombe Mills cropped

Minor Rivers and Streams in East  Sussex

Pevensey Haven

Wallers Haven

River Brede

Coombe Haven

River Tillingham

Source: The stream starts in the Battle area and forms from a number of streams

Course: Battle, Seddelscombe, Powdermill Reservoir, Westfield, Brede Valley Winchelsea and Rye where it joins the River Rother.

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Source: Rises in Catsfield

Course; from Catsfield it runs across Potmans and Watermill lanes before travelling across the Crowhurst Marshes and coming out in St Leonards at the Bulverhithe

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Source and course: Starts as two streams, the Nunningham and Ash which source north of Herstmonceaux and Ashburnham respectively. The two streams meet at Boreham Street and flow down throught the Hooe Levels and across the marshes coming out at Normans Bay

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Source: Rises near Staplecross and flows north of Powermill reservoir

Course Crosswes the A28 Northiam road and joined by many streams flows across the  marshes eventually joining the rother at Rye.

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Source: Horseye Levels South of Hailsham and Magham Downit is made up of a series of drains on the Pevensey levels including Hurst Haven and Chilley Stream. Evebntually it becomes the Pevensey Haven at Rickney and flows past Pevensey and out in the Bay

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