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Origin Heathfield

Mouth Seven Sisters

Length 35 miles (56km)

Basin area 970km

River Ouse

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The river rises near Lower Beeding and runs eastwards meandering narrowly and turning southward. A number of tributaries join near Isfield, and more at Barcombe Mills, There are many weirs and bridges. The river flows through Lewes and courses southeast past Glynde, where the tributary of Glynde Reach gushes into it; and then passes Rodmell, Southease  and Piddinghoe, finally reaching Newhaven, where it splits industrial Denton Island from the mainland and provides an important harbour, and then flows into the English Channel.

Ouse Watercourse Map

River Ouse upper reaches rs

Fishing on the Sussex Ouse

Fishing on the Ouse varies between great coarse fishing for Roach, Chub and Carp in the upper and middle reaches and some excellent Bass and Mullet fishing in the tidal reaches at Piddinghoe. Sea Trout also run up the Ouse and very often can be seen at Barcombe Mills, a few miles North of Lewes.


The river has good Cub Pike and general coarse fishing and in some of the upper tributaries contains Barbel .For more information about the river and it's excellent fishing contact the Ouse Angling Preservation Society on the link provided on the right.