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Origin Rotherfield

Mouth Rye Bay, English Channel

Length 35 miles (56km)

Basin area 970km

River Rother

Rother Gallery

Eastern Rother crop

Watercourse details


The River Rother at 35 miles (56 km), is a river flowing through both East Sussex and Kent. Its source is near Rotherfield and its mouth is on Rye Bay


The river’s section below Bodiam Castle is navigable; following that are the Rother Levels (where the sea once penetrated); the Isle of Oxney lies to the north; and near Rye the Walland Marsh is at its eastern bank. The river is navigable by canoes and kayaks as far up as Etchingham. The River Rother passes by or near the villages of Etchingham, Robertsbridge, Bodiam, Northiam, and Wittersham.


Rother River Course

Fishing on the Rother

The river has some excellent coarse fishing in particulalr for Chub and Pike. The upper reaches are probably best known for exccellent chub fishing - with worm, meat or maggot bait trotted down under the many overhangs. Further down below Newsended the river widens out and there are some excellent winter pike fishing with fish over 25lb landed regulalry. Sea Trout occasionally run up the river with lageish specimens spotted if not caught.

Cranbrook AA and Hastings Bexhill *& Disrtict Angling Association share much of the banks side fishing rights.