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  • A new angling magazine for Boat fishing enthusiasts.South Coast Angling team prepare to launch new magazine for Boat Angling in the UK.

    The world of angling magazines will have a new title on the shelves in May this year. Saltwater Boat Angling is a new title being launched by a team of experienced angling writers and publishers.

    The start up is published by Saltwater (Angling) Media Ltd based near Hastings on the South Coast and is headed up by digital publisher and angling film maker Tim Macpherson – a long time publishing and media professional who learnt the ropes at Centaur Publishing and Bauer before branching out on his own 15 years ago.

    The new title will be edited by veteran angling writer Jim Whippy, a man who has already successfully launched three titles in the same space; Sea Angling News, Total Sea Fishing and Boat fishing Monthly.

    The latter title closed last year 8 years after Jim had sold the title to Warners Publishing and the team believe that there is still an appetite for a dedicated boat angling title in what is a competitive and challenging market.

    The initial print run is 15,000 and will be distributed through all major magazine outlets including WH Smiths, selected supermarkets and independent newsagents around the country.

    Editor Jim whippy says of the launch “This is an exciting new beginning for me, after being start up editor on Total Sea Fishing and Boat Fishing Monthly, I thought my editing days were over. But here we go again and I’m really looking forward to putting all my enthusiasm into bringing you a first class angling magazine. We aim to bring you bright and informative articles aimed especially at anyone who goes fishing afloat, whether in your own dinghy, charter boat or kayak. We’ve got something for every boat angler, beginners and experts alike.

    The magazine will reflect how the sport has moved over the past decade with a specific section for Kayak fishing, including some new exciting young writers. Charter boats will also have a section of their own as I believe they are a vital part of the boat fishing experience for both pleasure and competitive anglers. Dinghy anglers and private boats moored in marinas all round the UK will also have plenty of coverage. The magazine will have regular boat tests, review all new tackle and generally keep a close watch on any trends and methods used by modern boat anglers”

    Publisher Tim Macpherson says of the launch

    “It’s not an easy market to penetrate and its dominated by the behemoth that is Bauer who publish the very successful Sea Angler but we believe we’ve put together a product which will appeal to a niche in the market which they and the other major sea angling titles don’t service too well because their content tends to be dominate by shore angling.

    As well as the print version we’ll be running a vibrant on line offering which will include regular video updates and other digital content which will feed of our successful Sussex Angling TV portal. We want to give boat anglers a bespoke product which services their content requirements whether print or digital.”

    The magazine costs £3.40 on the news- stands or you can subscribe by going to the website


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