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  • Angling Trust announces meetings for Anglers in Sussex

    The Sussex Marine Region of the Angling Trust has has announced two January meetings for Anglers in Sussex.; The first, on Tuesday January 21st, will focus on the campaign to protect Black Bream stocks in the Channel and will feeature members of the Sussex IFCA. It is expected the discussion will centre around Black Bream conservation and management measures in Sussex waters, Bream biology, the existing fisheries and the Role & designation of Kingmere Reef Marine Conservation Zone and ongoing communication between anglers and the IFCA.

    The second meeting on January 23rd will be a presentation by CEFAS officials about the resutls of the Angling 2012 survey - the results released last november showed Sea angling in England has been valued at over 2bn a year. Nearly 900,000 people went sea angling in England in 2012, nearly 24,000 jobs in England are supported by recreational sea angling and sea anglers caught an estimated 10 million fish in 2012! (& released 5 million).

    The panel, which includes Angling Trust and IFCA member,s will be there to answer questions about the survey and its implications.

    Both events take place in the Shoreham Centre and details can be found here


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