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  • Angling worth over £2billion pounds to the UK economy

    Angling has finally been recognised as a sport which generates huge amounts for the UK economy. The newlyy published report frokm CEFAS, Angling 2012, illustrates the importance angling has to the overall economy of the UK.

    The report found that there are nearly 1 million sea anglers in the UK spending £1.2billion directly on the sport and support a toital of £2billion and over 23,0000 jobs across the UK.

    Angling Trust Sussex Marine Region organiser Tim Macpherson said of the report " Many sea anglers were highly suspicious of this survey believing it to be an excuse to gather negative data about our sport but, as has been proved, this was very wide of the mark. The report proves that anglers have a big part to play in the economy, contribnute far more than commercial fishing and that if we join together to fight for our fishing we can make a real difference at to government policy on fishery management matters"

    More details of the results can be found by going to where anglers can download the summary of the results.


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