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  • Charter Boat Species Hunt booking up fast

    The Charter Boat Species Hunt is Sponsored by Snowbee

    All thoughts are now focused on the Charter Boat Species Hunt for 4 man teams on Monday 15th September out of Eastbourne. Have your club, pub or local tackle shop entered a team yet?

    Entry forms are in the local tackle shops. It should be great fun with all team members on the same boat and just one fish of each species per team required and no size limits and catch and release.

    My forecast is the winning team could end up with at least 15 different species, more will be caught but maybe not all by the same team.

    Here are 20 obvious ones to target; pout, poor cod, pollack, cod, whiting, bass, dogfish, smooth hound, mackerel, garfish, scad, plaice, dab, bream, tub & red gurnard, ballan wrasse, goldsinny wrasse, tompot blenny, goby.

    Another 17 species possible are, bull huss, conger, tope, spurdog, thornback ray, spotted ray, small eyed ray, grey gurnard, herring, sole, corkwing wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, baillons wrasse, three bearded rockling, red mullet, flounder and trigger fish

    I haven’t put turbot or brill in either as the limits are only to the Light tower but with no size limits all sorts could show up, it should be a great competition that could become an annual event.

    If you want to enter an team or become part of a team then go to or call the Festival Organisers on 01424 892287 – but hurry there are only a couple of team places left.

    JIm Whippy


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