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  • Consultation opens for Trance 3 of Sussex' Marine Conservation Zones

    We attended a drop in meeting yesterday held at East Hastings Angling Association hosted buy Natural England - the purpose was to explain the consultation process for the 3rd tranche of Marine Conservation Zones off the Sussex coast - of particular interest to anglers is Beachy Head East where a NO trawl zone was proposed, and accepted by all stakeholders (including commercial operators) after the Balanced Seas Process a few years ago. Every angler who regularly fishes in this area or indeed the other three potential designees (including Rye Bay) should get informed and make sure that they, and indeed any boat angling clubs they might be members of, take the opportunity to make a submission. The Angling Trust will be making a submission as well. Please note at this stage nothing has been decided these are only suggested designations. There was some controversy amongst local under ten commercial skippers about why Rye Bay had suddenly been included when it has never been mentioned before - we understand that because the bay features a sandy substrate that this might help to complete the "map" of substrate types which the MCZ network covers

    The consultation is likely to last three months across the summer (Brexit delays notwithstanding)

    More on MCZ's can be found here


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