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  • Eastbourne Angling Association Team comes out on top in Festival Species hunt

    This spectacular new addition to the Bexhill Angling Festival went off without a hitch on Monday 15th September. In all 9 teams of anglers took part in 5 of Eastbourne’s Charter boats; Panther, Excalibur, Katrina, Misty Blue and Aladard.

    The winning team was from the Eastbourne Angling Association fishing on Aladard comprised of David Pringle, Colin Mason, Mark Almeida & Ben Harris.

    Sea Angling Magazine editor, Barney Wright, fished with the Angling Trust team and came in a respectable 6th with angling writer and competition ace, Jim Whippy, on board Katrina II with the Anderida All-stars. His team came in 3rd.

    The competition was a species hunt with the team landing the most species winning – Eastbourne AA coming in with 14 species between them.


    1st Eastbourne AA (David Pringle, Colin Mason, Mark Almeida & Ben Harris) Aladard 14 species 25 pts

    2nd Hastings Angling Centre (Colin Crosby, Martin Kemp, Mark Hinxman & Colin Pickard) Excalibur 11 species 20 points

    3rd Anderida All stars (Jim Whippy, Jim Pressley, Graham Latimer & Graham Bird) Katrina

    4th Jerry’s Team (Jerry Knight, Nick Rye, Stewart Curtis & Tony Methven) Katrina 11 species 18 points

    5th Anglers Den (Glyn Morgan, Kevin Morgan, Phil Metcalf & Gerard Sargeant) Excalibur 9 Species 16 points

    6th Angling Trust (David Mitchell, Reg Phillips, Tony Geal & Barney Wright) Misty Blue 9 species 16 points

    7th Ocean View (Phil Taylor, Tim Lane, Martin Payne & Tim Goble) Panther 7 species 13 points

    8th Bexhill Sea Angling (Peter Welford, Barry Bertin, Peter Skinner & Anthony Laidler Huggett) Misty Blue 7 species 12 points

    9th Hook Line and Sinker (Steve Hanks, Arthur Freeman, Eric Green & Clive Ford) Panther 6 species 12 points.


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