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  • Paul King wins the first Eastbourne Nomads competition of 2014 by 3oz

    A couple of results from the Eastbourne Nomads for January to report.

    Despite the terrible weather some fishing has been possible although it seems the fishing is still a struggle. Paul King won the first competition and with it the Officers Cup with a weight of 3lb 3oz – the 3oz making all the difference as Martin Payne Jr came in a creditable 2nd with 3lb. This young angler is making a name for himself on the Sussex match scene and continuing where he left off last year. He also grabbed best flat with a Flounder of 14oz. 8 anglers blanked

    In the first Nomads Cup, fished on Monday 27th, the winner was Dave Hollobone with 4 fish making up 1lb 12oz and he snatched best fish with a pout. It was an altogether more difficult match as the conditions were not great for beach angling.


    Sunday 19th January 2014

    1 Paul King 3lb 3oz

    2 Martin Payne jnr 3lb

    3 Steve Frost 2lb 9oz

    4 Tony Kirrage 2lb 6oz

    5 Phil Chapman 2lb 5oz

    6 Keith Erridge 1lb 13oz 8dr

    7 Paul Parsons 1lb 8oz

    8 Steve Domsalla 1lb 8oz

    9 Terry Taylor 1lb 7oz 8dr

    10 Callum Jones jnr 1lb 1oz 8dr

    11 Rod Pariss 13oz

    12 Richard Taylor 6oz 8dr

    13 Joseph Taylor jnr 6oz 8dr

    Heaviest Fish

    Flat Martin Payne jnr Flounder 14oz

    Round Terry Taylor Whiting 13oz 8dr

    That is 22lb 7oz 8dr weighed in between 13 anglewrs with 8 blanks.

    EASTBOURNE NOMADS A.C. RESULTS 1st NOMADS CUP Monday 27th January 2014

    1 Dave Hollobone 4 fish (pout, dab) 1lb 12oz 8dr 30pts

    2 Malcolm Payne 6 fish (ling) 1lb 9oz 29pts

    3 Steve Frost 4 fish (ling, dab) 1lb 3oz 8dr 28pts

    4 Neil Marshall 3 fish (whiting, ling, dab) 1lb 3oz 08dr 28pts

    5 Martin Payne jnr 5 fish (ling) 1lb 01oz 8dr 26pts

    6 Keith Erridge 3 fish (whiting, pout) 14oz 25pts

    7 Paul Christopher 3 fish (dab, ling) 11oz 8dr 24pts

    8 Tony Kirrage 3 fish (ling) 10oz 8dr 23pts

    9 Rod Parris 2 fish (ling, whiting) 9oz 22pts

    10 Chris Kirrage 2 fish (ling) 6oz 21pts

    11 Dan Wood 1 fish (eel) 3oz 8dr 20pts

    12 Colin Essery 1 fish (ling) 2oz 19 pts

    Heaviest Fish

    Dave Hollobone Pout 8oz 8dr

    Dave Hollobone Dab 9oz

    Steve Frost Ling 7oz

    Thats a total of 40 fish weighing 10lb 5oz between 2 anglers (a few more blanked).


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