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  • Top anglers chase 60 fish species in Sussex waters

    Eastbourne Charter Boat species hunt 14 September 2015

    12 teams of top anglers will be challenging for the Charter Boat species Hunt in September and what many people wont realize is that there are upward of 60 species of fish that could be caught

    Top 20 Probables

    Bass, black bream, bull huss, cod, dab, dogfish, garfish, tub gurnard, mackerel, plaice, pollack, pout, scad, smooth hound, whiting, ballan wrasse, goldsinny wrasse, blenny, goby, poor cod.

    Next 20 Possibles

    Conger, flounder, red & grey gurnard, red mullet, thornback ray, small eyed ray, three bearded rockling, sole, spurdog, tope, trigger fish, cuckoo wrasse, corkwing wrasse, baillons wrasse, dragonet, red band fish, sand eel, lesser weever, topknot

    And another 18 all caught in the area but rarely.

    Turbot, brill, gilthead bream, coalfish, tadpole fish, herring, anchovy, john dory, ling, lumpsucker, grey mullet, blonde ray, spotted ray, undulate ray, 5 bearded rockling, sea scorpion, shad, pilchard, greater weever

    To get involved contact the BexhillAngling Festvial team -


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