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Sussex Pike Fishing

Sussex contains a wide range of good pike fishing venues both rivers and lakes. The Eastern Rother, and wallers Haven regulalry produce double figure fish and reservoirs like Darwelll and Bewl water also contain big fish

Sussex Pike Fishing

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Stillwater News

Bewl water is currently open to any method Trout fishing (not deadbaits) but this will undoubtedly attract many pike anglers to the water....more here

Stillwater Directory

We have compiled a  guide to major Sussex stillwaters

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Sussex Pike Anglers

Over the coming months we'll be adding much more information and news about Sussex pike, and although pikers are traditionally secretive about where and how they catch their fish but we hope to be able to bring you enough to guide anglers to the  most productive waters.

Sussex Angling supports the work of the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain

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The Club's philosophy is they will work to establish an environment in which pike are valued: both as a sporting fish and necessary part of the management and ecology of fresh waters.

Sussex Pike

The Angling Trust has been running a site dedicated to spotting and  logging Cormorants so they can persuade government to allow more controls on these voracious fish eaters.

Cormorant Watch


Join the Angling Trust and help to protect your fishing.

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