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Sussex Spreaders

Deadly for plaice fishing, ideal for all sorts of general bottom fishing along the south coast our Sussex spreaders have been specially developed for anglers fishing the inshore waters along the Sussex coast from Hastings to Littlehampton.  


These vital pieces of Sussex end tackle are now available on line for just £7.50 for a mixed pack of 5  through Sussex Angling with all profit going to the RNLI*



Exclusive to Sussex Angling:  Sussex spreaders

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Stockists are:

Anglers Den: Pevensey Bay  01323460441

Hook Line and Sinker: Bexhill on Sea 01424 733211

Aquamarine: St Leonards on Sea 01424 439866

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How to buy your Sussex Spreaders

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Using Sussex Spreaders

Spreaders are in use all around the UK but in Sussex we think we’ve perfected the art both of making and using them.  A spreader is a double paternoster with a two hook snoods which run in parallel along the sea bed – either during a drift or at anchor. They need to be flexible and strong and yet provide enough sensitivity both to allow good but detection and not put the fish off by creating too much resistance.

The spreaders designed for use here in Sussex vary in width from 35 to 60cm and snoods should be no longer than half the width of the entire spreader. This prevents tangling and also allow for the spreader to work at optimum effectiveness.

Spreaders work the sea bed in a specific way when used on the drift. We’ve found the optimum drift speed is between 0.8 and 1.2 knots and this coupled with the correct length of snoods will provide enough lift to allow the attractor spoons to work.


End tackle and attractors

As for the snoods – that varies depending on individual preference – ask five anglers and you’ll get five different patters but after many years of trial and error we have found that two combinations seem to work consistently .

Green and Yellow beads with one or two small spinner spoons. This combination works particularly well when the fish aren’t feeding hard.  

Black and Red beads – when the fish are feeding hard this combination seems to consistently produce bigger fish

Plaice are curious animals and will often follow attractors for quite a way before snatching at the hook bait, as a result these fish sometimes need teasing on to the hook and the best way is by letting out a little line allowing the bait to drop then when the drift picks up the line the fish will of then take the bait.

More about Plaice fishing can be found on our Top Rods DVD Plaice Fishing with Jim whippy. An update of this will be available later this year. For more click here. 

Pack of 5 Spreaders £7.49

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Pack of 10 Spreaders £13.99

Pack of 15 Spreaders £19.99

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