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Just about every town in Sussex has a tackleshop - and these plpaces are very often the best places to go to find out what's been caught and where.


The tackle trade is going through a very difficult time, partly because of our well documented economic problems but also because many anglers do find it easier to buy online.


However consider this, if you didn't have a local tackle shop providing bait and all those last minute items of tackle, not to mention as a place which connects the local angling community what how much poorer anglers would be.








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We have compiled a list of East Sussex & West Sussex takcle shops so you can locate the nearest to your fishing venues so click the links and buy local.

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Stinger Skad - a new lure from Snowbee

Snowbee have just launched a new lure for wrecking in the shape of the Stinger Skad. I was lucky enough to try out some of the first into the country on a trip off Eastbourne on Steve Bradshaw’s ‘Deep Blue’. They certainly worked well for the cod with the three colours shown here catching more than their share. One of the Oyster Blood heads took three double figure cod in succession and remained undamaged. This is because they are made out of a high grade, natural scent PVC material, resulted in a highly durable lure that will not tear apart, the first time a fish hits it. The highly elastic tail is able to ‘stretch’ when fish are ‘biting shy’, rather than snap-off, as has been the case with some lures.  Another good point about this new material, its crystal clear giving a light reflection off the outer surface with a holographic shimmer off the internal lead-weight foil wrap.  There are moulded slots down each side of the tail, and an oversized ‘paddle’ tail that is angled forward along the bottom edge. This creates an exaggerated tail action, even at very low speeds, and also sets up additional undersea noise – a proven fish attractor. They come in 8 new colours and retail at £6.99 for a packet of three. For more about the Stinger Skad click here

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