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The Greater Weever

The Greater Weever is not a fish many anglers get to see unless they are on a deep water charter trip. They are caught when fishing for cod but more often on turbot baits or even on feathers when trying for mackerel or launce. They are a striking looking fish around 30 to 35cm long with distinctive stripes along the flanks and a blue tinge to the fins. The poisonous black dorsal fin is just like the lesser weavers we see in shrimping nets and must be avoided at all costs.


They are reputed to be very nice to eat but most of the ones I have seen caught are soon dispatched carefully back over the side. Breeding season is from June to August.

Fact File

Latin Name: Trachinus draco


Distribution: Found in deeper water than its smaller cousin but present


Size: Up to 60cm


Season: All year round onwards


















Staple food: Worms, small fish, crustaceans


Angling tactics: Caught by accident from boats usually when bottom fishing


Bait Worms


British Record:

Shore         1lb 9oz

Boat record  2lb 2oz

Average Size:  1lb


Caught on: Boats and occasionally deep water shore marks.

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