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The Red Mullet

Summer time is when the red mullet make an appearance in our part of the world. They are not a large species but apparently make good eating.


They are, in fact, not even in the mullet family but are a close relation to the African goat fish.


They use their two large barbel to locate food as they work across the bottom looking for shrimps and worms. The ones caught from the shore are mainly the striped red mullet with the 3 yellow stripes along the sides.


The plain red mullet are more of a deep water fish and as the name suggests have no yellow stripes. Shore record is 3lb 7ozs and boat record 3lb 15ozs.

Red mullet

Fact File

Latin Name: Mullus barbatus


Distribution: a warm water fish found in Sussex Waters


Season: Summer June - October


Angling tactics:

General – usually caught accidentally.


Bait Fish baits, worms


British Record:

Shore          3lb 7ozs

Boat record  3lb 15ozs.


Average Size:  2lb


Beach, Pier or Boat :

All three but mainly caught in  boats.