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The Top Knot

An interesting species of flatfish is the topknot. A small, left-sided flatfish that is almost completely round in shape. Mottled brown and white colour with light wide fins all the way round and has a very small tailThey are rarely caught by anglers,except sometimes caught in light rock fishing competitions or when match anglers are scratching around for species as they are quite small and live in or around rocky areas where they can cling to the rocks using suction of their underside.


They eat small fish, peeler crabs and shellfish. They breed in deeper water in the channel from February to May.

Fact File

Latin Name: Zeugopterus punctatus


Distribution: All around the UK and Ireland in rocky, heavy ground


Size: Up to 25cm


Season: All year round


Staple food: Crustaceans, marine worms, shellfish and very small fish


Angling tactics:

Usually caught by accident when Light Rock Fishing or over rocky ground


Bait Worms, fish strip and peeler crab


British Record:

Shore         12oz 7dr

Boat record  Unknown


Average Size:  2lb


Caught on: rocky coastal ground and from boats.

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